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On Color

4 Mar

Color is really important to me. It’s obvious once you know a little bit about me; in addition to loving yarn and crochet, I am a theatrical lighting designer. This means that when someone puts on a play in my theatre, it’s my job to decide where all the lighting fixtures go, what they will do, what kind they will be, and most importantly (to me) what colors they are. I have a gel swatchbook and I love just paging through it and daydreaming of all the different kinds of scenes and moods I could create just with light sculpture.

I feel like I can touch color. I have a condition (an awesome, trippy condition!) called synesthesia, which causes my senses to “cross.” I can taste certain kinds of music (mostly electronic or dubstep), and colors definitely feel so present and so three-dimensional to me that I feel like I can really dig my fingers right into the color itself.

So me loving crochet makes a lot of sense, as it combines the senses of sight and of touch. I don’t think there are enough art around that appeals to the sense of touch.

Strangely enough, though, my favorite color is grey. This really confuses people (especially those people who immediately screech “GREY IS NOT A COLOR”). I don’t care. Looking at grey makes me really happy. My friend made me a fleece blanket that is grey on one side and has super bright polka-dots on the other, and it is my favorite thing in the world. I carry it around like Linus.

My absolute favorite things to crochet are the simple stuff worked in really nice variegated yarn. When I crochet (unlike when I knit) I feel like I am sculpting, and for me the fun is in seeing not only how the shape affects the color, but how the color affects the shape. (On a side note, my favorite multicolor yarn is Paton’s worsted wool. I’ve bought it in three different colors and it’s generally what I use to make stuff for the people I love.)