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“Crackle” Nail Polish

21 Mar

The other day my roommate & friend were getting ready to go out on the town, and were painting their nails. Before my gender transition, I used to have my nails painted all the time. I was never particularly girly, but having color be a part of me really makes me happy and I kind of miss that, despite being all dudely and tough now. So I painted my nails too. For science.

Crackle nail polish

Strangely enough, the picture above is EXACTLY what I did with my nails. (Click on the picture to visit the blog from which I took it.) Grey is my favorite color (weird, I know) and they had this stuff called CRACKLE which I somehow had never heard of. I wanted to see how it works, though: it seems to be two polarized substances, that spread apart because they don’t get along (sort of like magnets?) and take the paint along with them. Does anybody have any science to back me up? I’m really curious how this works.

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